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Please consider joining the WWU Men’s Rugby Alumni Association.

In a statement prepared by WWU President Bruce Shepard in support of the WWU Operating Budget for 2010-13 submitted to the Honorable Christine Gregoire, Shepard said, “All units should be encouraged to seek alternative funding sources, including enhanced support from external grants and contracts, participation in federal initiatives, private philanthropic support through the WWU foundation, and possibly broadened recruitment efforts or expansion of self-sustaining programs”

With your gift, in any amount, you will help us to provide needed support for the WWU Men’s Rugby Club.

Without your financial support the WWU Men’s Rugby Club would not be able to accomplish many of its ambitious goals.

Given the current financial state of educational funding and the number of WWU clubs requesting funding, the WWU Campus Rec Department at WWU can only allocate about $2,500 per year to each of the 25+ Clubs on campus, including the WWU Men’s Rugby Club.  Consequently the budget differences must be made up, as they were in the past, with dues being paid by the players and the player’s heavy and ongoing fundraising efforts both on campus and in the community.

Rugby at Western Washington University was started in 1955 and has spent 58+ years being a self-funded, self coached Club sport.  During that time there have been at least 1,100 young men who have participated in the program.  We have alumni that are involved in playing at every level of the game, or are either still playing, coaching, or administering other programs, or have retired completely from rugby but are still active supporters.

And all of us are proud of what we accomplished and are accomplishing today.  I can personally say I take great pride whenever Western does something well the rugby pitch, or makes a contribution to the community in some way.

We wanted to give everyone, who has been associated with WWU Rugby over the years, a chance to give back to the program that started it all for them.  That is why the WWU Men’s Rugby Alumni Association was formed.

And while the name of the association implies that you played rugby at Western at some point in time, you need not have played to join.  Friends and supporters are eligible to join the Association as well.  Maybe we should have named the organization the “Alumni, Friends, and Supporters of WWU Men’s Rugby”.

It is time to give back…and at the same time set the example for future generations.

Whether you are remembering how the game changed your life’s goals and visions, or how the game instilled in you the desire and fortitude to succeed, or how the game helped establish lifelong friendships and relationships that endure to this day, with our participation as alumni or friends of WWU Men’s Rugby we are ensuring that up and coming generations of WWU Men’s Rugby players will get to experience those same great, life changing moments.

Again, please consider joining and donating to the Rugby Alumni in their support of the WWU Men’s Rugby Club.

Click on the “Donate” tab on the website menu bar and choose whatever option there that works best for you.

Gerry Henson

Director, WWU Men’s Rugby Alumni Association


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