One Of The Best Colleges In The West

Consider the following when making your college decision and remember:  You may be coming here to play rugby in one of the best programs on the west coast, but in the end, it is the education you take with you through the rest of your life…after your rugby career is over…that will get you to your life’s aspirations and goals.

1.  Western is the highest ranking public, master’s-granting university in the Pacific Northwest according to Kiplinger’s Magazine

2.  Western moved up from their 2013 ranking of No. 3, to their 2014 ranking of No. 2 in the top ten of the US News and World Report Rankings for “Top Public Schools – Regional Universities (West)“.  And don’t forget that the West is every state in the West including Texas and Oklahoma.

3.  Western is ranked in the top 25 of the US News and World Report Rankings in the “A-plus Schools for B Students“.  Where students “have a decent shot at being accepted and thriving – where spirit and hard work could make all the difference…” This is in keeping with a strong focus at Western on being a collaborative campus community where students can achieve aspirations while developing interests and talents.

4.  US News and World report updated report on colleges that are the best value…  Click on this link to see the whole story:  Best Colleges

Match all of the rankings with an incomparable setting in one of the great parts of the world and a world class rugby program and you pretty much have it all.

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