Payroll Deduction or EFT

You can donate through your employer with a payroll  deduction or you can set up an EFT transfer (different from the ‘Bill Pay’ option) from your bank and all you need is the ‘Routing Number’ and the ‘Account Number’.

Payroll Deduction

Talk to your employer’s payroll people and tell them you’d like to set-up a payroll deduction.  You then need to make some decisions as to the amount of the donation and how often you want the deduction taken.  Once you’ve made your decisions you need to give your payroll department the following information:

Account Name:  WWU Rugby Alumni

Routing Number:  323371076

Account Number:  3703286611

Remember, some employers have a matching program where they will match your donation to a charitable organization so make sure you ask.

EFT Transfer From Your Bank

The set-up for an EFT transfer from your bank is essentially the same as the payroll deduction set-up listed above.  Contact your bank and tell them you’d like to set-up and EFT transfer and they will take you through the steps to get this established.

You need to give the following information to your bank so that they can route the funds to our account:

Account Name:  WWU Rugby Alumni

Routing Number: 323371076

Account Number: 3703286611

Some banks will match donations to charitable organizations, so check with your bank and see if they offer this service.


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