Northwest Collegiate Rugby Conference (NCRC)

The Northwest Collegiate Rugby Conference (NCRC) has as members nine schools from the three states (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho) in the Northwest corner of the US.

All of the schools are considered Dl-AA schools by USA Rugby except Central Washington which is a Dl-A school.

The NCRC  is divided, East and West, into two Divisions along geographic lines.  The schools on the West side of the Cascade Mountains are, obviously, the West division and the schools on the East side of the Cascades are the East division.  The NCRC is trying to minimize travel and expenses for each of the clubs by going to this division based scheme.

Here is the link to the NCRC website where you can get a look at the schedules, results, and states for each game played in the NCRC and a lot of other features.

Check it out:  NCRC Website

NCRC scheduling has each team playing the other teams in their division twice each year.  The schedule will be ‘home and home’ based for the 2013-14  15’s season.  Some teams in the West division will play a division rival three times…

Each team will also “crossover” and play three teams from the other division.  For example, Western will play Central, Eastern, and WSU from the East Division this season.

At the end of the regular season the top team in each division will host the #2 from the opposite division in the NCRC playoffs and the winners of those two games will meet the following week for the NCRC Championship.

The winner of the NCRC Championship game will be the NCRC representative to the “Sweet Sixteen” round of the USA Rugby D1-AANational Championships.