New To Rugby?

Rugby 101

Are you new to rugby?  Has it been a while since you’ve seen a match?

Here’s a You Tube video that will help you get a handle on the game and give you a better understanding of how the game is played…..AFP News Agency, who produced the segment, has blocked us from showing you the video but you can click the “Watch On YouTube” link and watch the spot.  It is a pretty good, basic explanation of the current rules.


How Does That Guy Jump So High?  Are They Lifting Him?  Fundamentals Of The Lineout.

The lineout is like an inbounds play and a jump ball in basketball, combined.  Your team puts the ball out of bounds (“into touch”) then the other team gets to throw the ball inbounds at the point where the ball went into touch (“out of bounds”).

Both teams line-up in parallel lines perpendicular to where the ball went into touch with a one meter ‘tunnel’ between the two lines.  The ball must be thrown down the middle of the “tunnel” but the team throwing the ball in has a big advantage as they know which player they are going to throw the ball to.  Part of the fun of watching rugby is to try and figure out the signals used by the throwing team to communicate who is going to get the ball.

Here is a short primer on the fundamentals of the lineout…




What Is That Scrum Thing?  So You Wanna Be a Prop?

Ever wonder what those guys are doing in the scrum and why?  There is a method to the madness…



Ever Wonder What Coach Horne Says To The Boys Before A Match?

Here’s What He Said To Them Before Their Last Match…



USA Rugby Union Promo Video

Here is the YouTube promo video put out by the US Rugby Union to get you stoked about the game of rugby…


Rugby in the 2016 Olympics in Rio…


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