The following is a list of Donors who have made contributions to WWU Men’s Rugby Alumni Association.  We are very grateful for their generous contributions to the Alumni Association but, more importantly, for their support of the WWU Men’s Rugby Club  student athletes and youth rugby as these groups strive to achieve their lofty goals.

Founders Club

Jim and Karen Solimano

Preston R. Worth

Mike Girton

Jeffery P. Lombard


Elizabeth Gould

Ron Lee

Brad Armstrong

Gerry Henson


Mark (Kansas) Sumearll

Robert Hyman and Deb Atwood

Doug Wilcox

Paul Horne

Jon Sitkin

Dennis and Gail Knapp

Rob Walker

The O’Neil Family

Craig Brown

Harley Tat

Scott Biteman Memorial Foundation

Craig & Ingrida Grossman

Edward J. Peterson

Ned B. Kennedy

Alan Law

Heritage Club

Sara Nichols

Bill Weed

Rob Simpson

Ralph (Mac) Williams

Murray Brackett

Bob & Karen Duffy

Dr. Lowell Hanson – Envisia Dentistry – Bellingham

Jason Whalen

Duane Roth

Andy Rutten

‘Special’ Ed Wiseman

Kent F Miller

Matt Henderson

Gary (Gus) Fumano

Larry Willman

Lee Keown

Brian Treger

Jay Renfro

Spencer Covert

David Garkinkle

Anand Joshi

Stephen Mury

Trevor Stevenson

Jennifer Trowbridge

Jacob Wood

George Costakis

Frank Dino

Sharon Russell

 WWU Men’s Rugby Alumni Membership

Dr. Michael Thorpe

Mike Galligan

Rod Fiddick

Royal Johnson

Friends of WWU Men’s Rugby

Rob Holden

Ted Chen

Susan Shisler

Pat Galvin

Ray Foster

Duncan Moore


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