Wet And Wild Viking 7’s

How does that line go….”It was a dark and stormy night….”.  Well, that pretty much sums up the inaugural Viking 7’s tournament held this past Saturday on the turf field next to the Wade King Rec Center.  We were expecting a pleasant ‘Indian Summer’ day and got a winter storm instead.  No worries though, it was a turf field so no mud but the wind (gusts to 40) and the rain (several gallons per minute at times) did cause some discomfort.

Eight teams showed up for the first of what we hope will be many 7’s tournaments:  University of Victoria (UVic), University of British Columbia (UBC), Central Washington, University of Washington, University of Oregon, Oregon State, and host Western Washington University….wait a minute, that is only seven teams.  That is right folks, the team from the region of Eastern Washington, near Spokane, their campus is in Cheney actually, failed to show.  To their credit, they did call on Thursday and say they wouldn’t be coming.  That gave the tournament committee, headed by Men’s Rugby Club President Nick Solimano, a day and a half to scramble and fill the eighth spot.  And fill it they did with a team called the WWU Alumni.  Even without that team from the Eastern part of Washington, the field was one of the strongest in tournament history.

The tournament field was divided into two pools:  Pool A had UVic, Oregon, UW, and WWU.  Pool B had UBC, Central, Oregon State, and the WWU Alumni.

Play started at 10:00 am, amongst the sheets of rain and the gusts of wind, with Western taking on Oregon.  And when the dust had settled (just kidding, it’s a metaphor) Oregon had come out somewhat the surprise winner.17-12.  Figures, Ducks like this kind of weather better….  And the Pool A jumble was on.  UVic, of course, held serve and their team of almost all freshmen (but some of the best freshmen in Canada) went through pool play undefeated.  The odd thing about Pool A was that each of the other teams took turns beating each other and ended up with identical 1-2 records so seeding for the elimination brackets was base on points differential. 

Pool B was a little better defined and Central came out on top of the pool standings with UBC a close second.  The UBC vs Central game ended up with Central the winner in a close one 19-17.  Oregon State held third and the game, but outclassed WWU Alumni, brought up the rear.

So the elimination rounds were set and if you’re scoring at home, here is how the bracket rounds played out:  WWU vs WWU Alumni, Oregon State vs Oregon, UVic vs UBC, Central vs UW.  WWU beat the WWU Alumni but I couldn’t find the score, Oregon State beat Oregon 19-7, UVic beat UBC 22-12, and Central got by the UW but I couldn’t find the score of that one either.

After all those games the final pairings were set:  UVic and Central would square off for 1st and 2nd, UBC and UW would play for 3rd and 4th, WWU and Oregon State would go at it for 5th and 6th, with Oregon and the WWU Alumni vying for 7th and 8th.

Oregon beat the WWU Alumni for 7th (no score), your Western Vikings beat Oregon State for 5th, 26-7, UW beat UBC for 3rd, 7-5, and UVic topped Central 12-10 to win the tournament.