The Oregon State 7’s

Here is the draw for the Oregon State University 7’s which will kickoff at 10:00 am Saturday, October 5th in Corvallis:

Pool A
Central Washington

Pool B
Western Washington
Oregon State
Western Oregon

Western looks to have gotten a bit of a break in the draw in that they weren’t paired with Central or the UW.  At last weekend’s Viking 7’s in Bellingham the Vikings beat the UW 12-5 in pool play but ended up the #3 seed in the brackets because of points differential, after all the teams in the Pool A ended up with 1-2 records in pool play. 

The Vikings then went on and defeated the WWU Alumni and Oregon State (26-7) to end up with 5th place in the tournament.

In the Viking 7’s CWU just barely got by UBC (19-17) and ended up losing to University of Victoria (12-10) in the final. 

UW ended up beating UBC for 3rd and 4th but UBC Coach Spence McTavish has less than his strongest side out there for the UW match. 

So both UW and Central will be trying to build off of less than satisfying performances. 

Western on the other hand had other problems…the loss of their core 7’s players from last year forced them into a different style of play early on and they just now seem to be getting comfortable with people in different positions.  Coach Adam Roberts admits the boys are ‘green’ but says, “They’re good players, they just have to figure out and get comfortable with a style that suits them.  We’ll be OK.” 

It should be a fun weekend and we’ll try and keep you updated with the scores on the WWU Facebook Fan page.  Click on the “fan page link over on the right to get to the WWU Facebook page.