When You Come Up To Play In The Golf Tournament You Check Out The Work On The New Field…

new Field 7-23-2013

View from the Upper “C” lot July 23, 2013

So end new field 7-23-2013

View of the south end of the new field construction from the walkway just north of the Student Health Services bldg and looking across to Buchannon Towers and the Women’s Softball Stadium

Is this exciting or what. the work on the new field complex for rugby and soccer is really rolling along.  Construction began in late June and these pics were taken July 23, 2013.

Basically they have completely removed the grass field and all the trees between the end of the lower “C” parking lot and the Women’s Softball Stadium.  As you can see from these pictures they are well along in removing the ‘mesa’ of dirt left.  In fact, talking to people who have been by there in the last week, almost all of that dirt is gone as well.

It appears the project is on schedule…hold your breath and pray for continued dry weather…

Plan on taking a look at the project when you come up to play in the golf tournament September 14th.  What?  You haven’t signed up for the golf tournament yet?  Get with it..you only have a month before it is here/