We’re Gettin’ Some Love Now…

Here is the latest National Rugby Poll as of 3/4/2013 presented by rugby.mag

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Congratulations to the players and coaches of the WWU Men’s Rugby Club for all their hard work and success in making the Top 25 National Rugby Poll.  WWU has been there before with their 7’s team last fall but this is the first time they have been nationally ranked with the 15’s.  Sweet…

There was a little movement in the polls this past week, and the top five stayed the same.  According to the rugby.mag story the top five have separated themselves from the rest of the field by their latest results.

About the only change this week is that LSU got dropped after a loss to South Carolina and has been replaced by Western Washington University at no. 25, who are dominating the NCRC and had a relatively strong showing against no. 9 Central two weeks ago.

What is an even greater achievement is that most of the schools listed are D1-A schools, while Western, Bowling Green, and a few others are D1-AA.  Like the poll says, All Divisions Top 25!

Go Vikings!

  1. Life University
  2. Cal – Berkeley
  3. Arkansas State
  4. BYU
  5. St. Mary’s
  6. Utah
  7. Penn State
  8. Army
  9. Central Washington
  10. Davenport
  11. Kutztown
  12. Lindenwood
  13. Cal Poly
  14. UCLA
  15. Arizona State
  16. Arizona
  17. Air Force
  18. Navy
  19. Dartmouth
  20. Tennessee
  21. Delaware
  22. Bowling Green
  23. San Diego State
  24. UCF
  25. Western Washington