Clash Of The Titans?

Western Washington University plays Central Washington University this Saturday, February 23rd, at the Rugby Field at Magnuson Park in Seattle.  The Boatmen (2nd XV) kick-off at 11:30 am and the Vikings (1st XV) kick-off at 1:00 pm.

For those unfamiliar with Magnuson Park, the park is located several blocks north of Children’s Hospital on Sand Point Way NE.  Turn right on 74th and go into the park.  Proceed down 74th and take the third right and you’ll see a huge parking lot.  Park there and walk east to find the Rugby Field.   For you old timers, Magnuson Park used to be the Sand Point Naval Air Station, if that helps.

Could we see a clash of the Titans in this Saturday’s inaugural Cascade Cup at Magnuson Park in Seattle?  Sure, at least as far as Western is concerned.  Central is playing in Division 1-A schedule while Western competes in Division 1-AA.  Central plays tougher competition and Western will have their hands full in this, their first season under Coach Paul Horne.

The Wildcats are a confident team that will bring the physical part of the game to a level that the Vikings haven’t seen yet in NCRC play.  The Vikings must be ready to step up to the challenge. This game will tell us a lot about who the Vikes are individually and as a team.

There should be a large crowd as OPSB will play San Francisco Golden Gate in a super league match up after our match.