Hey Mister, psssst, Wanna Buy A Calendar?

The boys have launched another of their fund raisers.  Actually, it’s the first this year.

They are putting together a calendar which will have images, action shots presumably, of rugby action recently enjoyed and perpetrated by the WWU Men’s Rugby Club.  We’re assuming there will be no ‘Chippendale’ like images, just plain, good ol’ rugby action shots, a little mud, no blood.

Ned Kelly is the WWU Men’s Rugby Club honcho leading this project and he promises that you will get tons of satisfaction for your $20 donation.

You can contact Ned via e-mail to reserve your calendar and ask any questions.  Ned’s email for this project is wwurugbycal@gmail.com .

Reserve your now or suffer a fate ten times worse than the predicted Mayan disaster that is about to befall us.